My Philosophy

My goal is to help you find ways to create a meaningful life, full of joy, peace and connection. My approach is eclectic (diverse), drawing on cognitive, behavioural (CBT), feminist (e.g. awareness of unrealistic gender role expectations for both men and women), narrative, and person-centred (non-judgemental, empathic) perspectives. Among other things, this means that I see YOU as the expert on your own life and experiences. I also believe that understanding the context of our lived experiences (our “stories”) can shine light on our pains and struggles, our dreams and joys.

We all want love, friendship, connection and participation.  We want respect from others and a strong sense of self-worth.  We want to find peace, acceptance, and contentment and to live a life that truly feels worthwhile. Unfortunately, many things can get in the way.  As your therapist, I see myself as a resource in helping you create the life you want. I’m here as your therapeutic partner in brainstorming, providing support and new perspectives that can help you create change. This may include exploring and clarifying values, desires, dreams, opportunities, strengths, and resources. It might mean learning new skills or strengthening existing ones. It may involve healing from damaging experiences, identifying shame triggers and learning to practice resilience. Together, we will focus on what’s important to you.

Working from an “anti-oppression” perspective, I believe that a major problem in the field of psychology is to blame people’s struggles on their individual “flaws”. From my perspective, we are ALL trying hard to adapt to a psychologically unhealthy world (though people can be impacted differently, depending on race, class, gender, hearing loss, ability, sexual orientation, age, and size, among other things.) For example, the pharmaceutical, diet and fashion industries perpetuate and profit immensely from our individual sense of inadequacy. It’s no wonder we often internalize damaging messages and feel inferior. Sometimes it can be helpful to be aware of the ways these systems impact our sense of worth and, in fact, our lives.

My approach is also influenced by Brené Brown’s work on enhancing human connections and shame-resilience.  For a dose of inspiration and to hear more, click on the videos below to enjoy Brené’s TED Talks on The Power of Vulnerability and Listening to Shame.

I’m looking forward to offering Brené Brown’s 12-week Connections program in the near future.  If you’re interested in being notified when this is available, please click here and check the box to let me know.


To read transcripts of these talks, go to the following links, then click on “Interactive Transcript”:  

The Power of Vulnerability

Listening to Shame