Finally, there is an alternative! CBT-I (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy For Insomnia) can help you get your sleep – and your life – back.

Research shows CBT-I to be as effective as sleeping pills within a few weeks. It’s safer and longer lasting, with few side effects. That’s why CBT-I is considered the gold standard and is the #1 treatment recommended by:

American College of Physicians
US National Institutes of Health
American Academy of Sleep Medicine
British Association for Psychopharmacology 

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Better sleep is possible

With one-on-one personalized support from a CBT-I trained Registered Clinical Counsellor – customized to your own specific sleep needs – you can learn how to restore your brain’s natural ability to get deeper sounder sleep.

Current research shows sleep can be significantly improved in as little as 4 sessions following intake.

Research also shows therapist supported CBT-I can be dramatically more effective than self-help CBT-I.

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some welcome side effects

A recent study of people suffering from both depression and insomnia found that both depression and insomnia severity significantly improved with just 4 sessions of CBT-I treatment.

Of those receiving CBT-I from a therapist, 61.1% were in remission from both insomnia and depression at a 3 month follow up, compared to just 5.6% of those who had only done self-help CBT-I.

Studies also show that improving sleep with CBT-I often helps relieve depression and some people find they are able to reduce or stop their anti-depressants as well.

But CBT-I can be effective even if you choose to continue your sleep meds. It’s up to you.

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Knowledge is Power

Learn the strategies to restore your ability to sleep naturally.

And start living life to the fullest.

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